Thursday, 28 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 18

I have some crucial decisions to make about what I am going to install and how I am going to do so, but at the moment I don't feel ready to make those decisions as I am enjoying playing, and keep thinking of more things I want to test out. I believe I make the best work when I am enjoying what I am doing, and I most enjoy making when I have no pressure.

I am struggling to see how my exhibition will take shape, and at the moment it seems like I have lots of test or experimental pieces and few finished works. From the onset I wanted to use the residency to experiment and play and work on a larger scale. I have done this, and it feels great, and I don't want to stop! I want the viewer to be able to see the enjoyment that I have when making the work.

I have not made perfect finished pieces, and this wasn't my intention. I want the exhibition to be an installation which reflects my experimentation.

It was great to have a visit from my friend Yukako, whom I studied with at Glasgow School of Art. As soon as she walked into the studio she commented how painterly the work is. She described my work as having a rhythm, and likened me to a 'conductor of colours'. She thought the work was like being in a forest with mountains, a waterfall and rocks etc.

I made a new mould to start casting and want to make the outside a solid colour and then reveal the colours inside.

I removed the cast from the large funnel and also the cast from the other cardboard mould I have made. I think that I will sand the areas where the cast has broken to provide a contrast in surface.

I also filled a number of the breezeblock shaped cardboard moulds.

Nikki and I battled to get one of the pipe casts out of the mould. We used the jigsaw and split the mould in two, so it will be easier to remove the cast in the future.

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