Friday, 1 March 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 19

I began the day with a walk to Allscot, a company specialising in glass fibre products. I have done some research into strengthing plaster, and it would seem that putting a layer of glass fibre in between 2 layers of plaster would strengthen the plaster. John, the guy I spoke to at Allscot was ever so helpful and suggested that a fabric would be better than glass fibre as glass fibre needs to be used with resin.

Back in the Market Gallery I had a good review of my work, and drew an inventory of all the work that I have made during the residency to date. I now realise how much I have to play with for the exhibition. I had a bit of a clear-up and thought about specific things I want to make.

I began a new hollow cylinder form, added another grey layer to the cardboard form, and tested out a small sample of the fabric weave that I hope will strengthen the plaster.

In the evening I had a wonderful studio visit from artist Liz West and Mark Devereux, Independent Curator, Artist & Tutor based in Manchester, UK. Blank Media Collective Founder & Director 2006-2012. I will post more about their work in later blog posts, so keep your eyes peeled! Meanwhile, here are some links to have a look at:

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