Friday, 8 March 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 26

After yesterday's unsuccessful printing session, I wanted to try it again, changing the opacity of the ink so that the new image would hide the triangle that didn't work.

Yet again, some wonderful beings helped me out, (special mention to Roos and Caroline today). Without such help I would not have been able to create the work I have over the period of the month, and it has been a real joy to get to know them and work with them.

It took numerous attempts, and a lot of effort to push the ink through the screen. Roos and I pulled the squeegee whilst Caroline and Pauline held the screen.

 The end result was not what I had intended as the coverage of the ink is not even and the blending is not as good as I had hoped, but the increased size of the printed area is a definite improvement on what was before, and I will look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.

 I do like the print that was the test version prior to printing on the wood, so there is the possibility that this could play a part in the exhibition.

I also like the patterns on the sponge that I used to clean the screen. Rather like the pots filled with plaster, (below), the sponge is another element that suggests the process behind making the work.

In the evening I tried out a new mould (a silicon baking cake tin) to create a layered hollow form. This was really easy to remove from the mould, and I could try using silicon moulds in the future.

I also filled another of the birch plywood panels.

I added more layers to the cardboard cast, and added another tub half way through the pouring of the layers so there will be another hollow indent that will be shallower than the other.

So, I think that is pretty much all the making done now, and this weekend I need to remove everything from the gallery in order to be able to paint the floor on Monday night.

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