Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Market Galler Residency - Day 24

 After my day in Newcastle yesterday, I was as keen as ever to get into the studio.

These are the breezeblock-sized panels that I previously poured.

I worked on a larger 'object painting' with reinforcement to give it strength.

It took a team of 4 people to remove this large cast from the mould and place it on the floor.

I am wanting to use the birch plywood boards as structures in the space, and tested ways in which these could stand.
I have created boundaries around the edge of the shapes, and filled one of these with a combination of three colours of plaster.
I also removed the cast from the 'v shaped' mould and am interested in the relationship that this has with one of the other casts from the cardboard mould

I have noticed that one of the breezeblock panels is beginning to bend when stood against the wall, and I find it fascinatinng how it is adapting to its conditions.

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