Saturday, 9 March 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 27

I did my final pour of plaster today and then began the grand clear up!

I filled the top of the cardboard mould with grey plaster so as to create a sculpture than is grey on the outside by the bore holes show the layers of colour below.

I was also able to remove a couple of casts from the moulds.

The cast of the largest pipe was extremely heavy, and Sarah and I had a real challenge getting it out of the pipe.

We tried all kinds of techniques, from hammering the bottom, pulling from the top... inserting string in the centre and pulling the string...

 ... to simply lifting the whole thing and dropping it on the floor!

 We got ever so close to getting the cast fully out of the mould, but I had to rush off to work in the evening and therefore had to leave with unfinished business!

A few of the top layers broke off the cast:

I then began to move all the sculptures out of gallery 3 (where i have been based for the past month) into gallery 1 so that I can paint the floor before moving all the work back into the space for the exhibition.

This was a mammoth task and made me realise how much work I have made! Some of the work was getting damaged as I moved it, so I decided to clear half of the studio, leaving some of the work in the other half of the gallery. I will paint one half of the floor tomorrow evening, and then on Monday night the other half of the floor will be painted.

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