Saturday, 16 March 2013

Studio Project Exhibition at Market Gallery

This morning I made a few adjustments to the lighting in the exhibition, so as to ensure that all areas of the gallery is lit and to minimise any light shining directly into the viewers eye as they look at a work. I also tidied up the cables so that people would not trip over them. I was concerned that some people at the opening were not going into certain areas of the gallery because they needed to walk over lighting wires, and so tried to prevent this by moving the wires.

I like the dramatic effect that the lighting creates with it being from the floor as opposed to from above. It matches the angular nature of the sculptures, and makes for some interesting shadows.

I also reassembled the large birch plywood structure so that it stands, using strong wood contact adhesive to secure the two pieces together. I will monitor whether this proves to be an effective solution.

I was delighted that the exhibition was well attended on the first day of it being open, and pleased that people are enjoying the work.

I had a wonderful conversation with Jenny Brownrigg, the Exhibitions Director at Glasgow School of Art, who enjoyed being surprised by discovering more pieces in unusual places the longer that she spent in the space.

I told her that I was hoping to arrange for a kind of 'in conversation' event to be held whilst the exhibition is on. I would like the opportunity to talk with a selected group of artists about some fundamental elements that the exhibition raises such as materiality and colour. I am in discussions with the Market Gallery committee about making this happen, and will keep you posted.

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