Friday, 15 March 2013

Market Gallery Residency - exhibition opening

Once the rubbish was taken out of the gallery, and all the materials and equipment that I no longer needed were moved, I found it easier to work out where the remaining pieces should be positioned.

I moved the flat grey floor piece near to the window to benefit from the daylight.

I placed the 'dribble pipe' towards the back left corner of the gallery to replace the yellow pipe. They are both of a similar height, but I think that the 'dribble pipe' ties all the elements together.

I altered the positioning of the cone sculptures by the tubes to make it easier for the audience to be able to inspect them in detail.

I arranged the circular holed pieces in a corner together, some on the floor and some on the shelf, some on their side and some on their base.

I moved one of the cone sculptures outside so as to point into the gallery.

When I left the gallery at 5:20 pleased with all the work, all that needed to be sorted was the lighting. The gallery did not have sufficient lighting, so they had purchased some floodlights for my exhibition.

Due to time constraints, wiring the lights was rather late in being finished, and I was disappointed that I was unable to play around with the lighting prior to the opening. I felt that the lights were too bright for my liking, and some areas of the gallery were in darkness, but this is something I can resolve tomorrow.

The preview evening was really well attended, and people were very enthusiastic about the exhibition which was very pleasing.

I had a few technical problems with the large birch plywood structure as it fell down a few times, presumably when someone brushed past it. I decided to leave the two pieces on the floor, and will reapply wood glue or strong contact adhesive tomorrow.

Time passed very quickly and unfortunately I was unable to see Pauline and Rebecca's performance, but this was videoed so I look forward to watching that.

I was able to attend Kim Noble's talk in which he showed the audience 4 video works, and asked us to vote on which one will be shown throughout the exhibition.

I look forward to spending more time looking at the work in the exhibition when I can view the work properly.

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