Monday, 25 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 15

As I look at my makeshift calendar on the wall It is hard to believe that I am already half way through the residency. How time flies when you are having fun! It is slightly daunting how little time there is until the exhibition opening, but I will continue to make the most of the space and time, and hope that I am able to achieve what I want and intend to.

After work, I met with Kirsty from the Market Gallery committee to work on the press release for the Studio Projects exhibition.

I then added some more layers to the various forms. I am beginning to realise how large these are, as I am getting through plaster like nobody's business! I am experiencing a few problems with making such large batches of plaster, as it is much harder to mix and  distribute the pigment, polymer and plaster evenly. Pouring the plaster is also difficult, and the speed at which it pours causes there to be lots more air bubbles that when pouring smaller amounts.

It is not easy to move some of the large moulds, and therefore creating hollow forms is not possible. I am concerned with how heavy the filled sculptures are, and am thinking about how I could make them lighter. Perhaps filling the centre with a material such as expanding foam or newspaper would be one way of doing this.

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