Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 10

Although I am pleased with how the cone sculptures are developing, I am conscious that they are not really on a scale to fit with the gallery, and so I want to increase the size.

Following the tests with parcel tape a few days ago, I know that the plaster will come off the surface easily once the plaster has dried.

Brogan and I covered a couple of sheets of cardboard in parcel tape, and made these into moulds for casting. I actually really like these forms as they are, with the shiny inside of parcel tape contrasting with the matt outside surface.

Tonight Nikki and I began pouring plaster into these moulds, but found this to be harder than anticipated due to the size of the mould.

We also covered strips of cardboard with parcel tape and created a boundary around the plaster dripped onto a sheet.

We then poured different coloured plaster over the dripped sheet to cover it completely. My hope is that, once dried, a sheet of plaster will peel off the cardboard, with two different surface textures.

More layers were added to the inside of some of the smaller cones, and I am looking forward to seeing the results tomorrow when I take the mould away.

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