Monday, 11 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 1

Today felt a bit like the first day at school in the sense that there was lots to take in; a new routine to be followed, new surroundings to adapt to and make your own and new people to get to know. I even had the 'first day back at school' nerves, but this was matched with the excitement I feel about having the time and space to concentrate on my own work.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had moved some of the contents of my studio at South Block to the Market Gallery, but this morning I collected some other materials and equipment that I may also need. With a little unpacking and setting up the space, I already began to feel more at ease.

A while ago I had contacted a number of Market Gallery volunteers about the possibility of helping me with the production of some large scale sculptures. I have been in email correspondence with them, and over the next week, will be meeting them individually and hoping they will still be up for giving me a hand with casting.

It was really interesting to find out about their backgrounds, and I look forward to working with them. I am sure that their varied experience will be very useful.

Laura graduated from Dartington College of Arts where she studied Contemporary Performance and Visual Art. She is just finishing an internship at Six Foot Gallery.

Debbie is from Oban and studied Photography in Glasgow.

Nikki finished her Product Design degree at Dundee University in 2012, and has since participated in New Designers where she won a prize to work with Virgin in London. She is currently working in Visual Merchandising in a retail store. 

For this residency I am based in Gallery 3, but there is another Studio Project residency happening in Gallery 2 over the same time period. Our exhibitions will run concurrently.

The collaborative artist duo, Rebecca Green and Pauline Mccloy, go under the name of Solaris. We met briefly prior to the Market Gallery Committee Meeting, and arranged to 'do lunch' on Wednesday.

The Committee Meeting was useful to go over a few details about the residency and plans for the opening night. Kim Noble's solo exhibition in Gallery 1 is going to open on Friday 15th February, and so the Committee proposed that the Studio Projects exhibition openings also open on the same evening. This will extend my residency by a week, which will be very useful, but it just depends on whether Rebecca can rearrange a commitment that she has on Friday 15th. Fingers crossed!

I also found out about a film screening as part of Glasgow Film Festival, which is happening at the Market Gallery on Friday night, 7-9pm.

Market Gallery Shorts
Featuring work from Jonathan Monaghan, Tessa Power, Max Swinton.
@ Market Gallery, Glasgow.
Friday 15 February 2013 

7pm - 9pm

A programme of curated short films by artist filmmakers at Market Gallery.
Jonathan Monaghan’s short films combine high end computer animation with surreal and fantastical scenes drawn from popular culture and Western history. Tessa Power’s short work fuses ideas about contemporary space travel and humans supposed control over nature with representation of space within cinema. The film is an incongruent montage of borrowed scientific footage, cinematic sounds and the artist’s own footage. Throughout a year, Julie Born Schwartz visited 71 year old Danish author, Niels Rydung, several times at his apartment where he has sought to create an “atmosphere of eroticism” in his rooms. Max Swinton is an artist and film maker based in Scotland. His work is all about how life is a great and terrible thing that should always be approached with humour.

Dauphin 007
Jonathan Monaghan (USA)
2011, 3 mins, English

Sacrifice of the Mushroom Kings
Jonathan Monaghan (USA)
2012, 7 mins, English

Rainbow Narcosis
Jonathan Monaghan (USA)
2012, 10 mins , English

The future is a trailer for a film that doesn’t exist
Tessa Power (UK),
2012, 2.44 mins, English

Leda and the Swan
Julie Born Schwartz (DK)
2009, 10.56 min

Idea for Television Program
Max Swinton (UK)
2012, 1.43 mins, English.

This is a free event, tickets on the door only.
Please note that due to unforeseen technical problems this event will now take place at Market Gallery, 334 Duke Street, as opposed to Veneer Gallery (as originally advertised in the Glasgow Film Festival brochure).


Cp said...

Great to find out about your new residency! Especially when we're quite far away! Keep the updates up!

Helen said...

Thanks Cp - glad you are enjoying the updates. will keep them coming!