Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 9

After my experiment the other day with creating a sheet of plaster and also my test into how the plaster reacts to parcel tape, I decided to cover a couple of pieces of cardboard with parcel tape and then drip plaster onto them, before laying the carboard on the floor and pouring a layer of plaster onto the cardboard.

I added more layers of plaster to the cones.

Laura did a stirling job at rotating the cone so as to keep the plaster moving around the inside of the mould, the intention being for the sculpture to be hollow.

My good friend Del popped into the gallery to see what I am doing and he kindly offered to help me remove the cylinder of plaster from the mould. We managed to get the pieces out of the tube, but they separated in the process. This actually turned out to be very interesting, and I like the texture of the 'dusting' of the other colour on the top of the layer.

I then went to the printers at the Glue Factory to choose the paper for the posters and watch them get printed. The process used is called risograph, and I had never seen this method of printing before so was intrigued to learn more about it.

Gabriella, who runs Risotto Studio, was really helpful and explained the process, which follows the principles of screenprinting.

Her Mum had knitted her a bespoke cover for the computer!

After some deliberation, we decided to opt for the silver/grey paper.

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