Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 16

After having a good tidy up in the studio, Laura, Brogan and I removed a couple of casts from the moulds. It is exciting to reveal what lies beneath the mould, and can be quite nervewracking if, like me in this instance, I have invested a lot of time and resources into creating something that I do not know will work.

When we took the sculpture out of the mould, I noticed that the pattern left on the lino was very interesting. Infact, I felt that this was more curious than the sculpture.

The fragments left on the mould were also of interest to me, looking like samples of rock taken from an alien planet!

 The lino of the mould seemed naturally to belong on the floor, and we began to refer to it as 'the rug'.

We also removed the boundaries of the other 'object painting', and although I like the texture of the smooth surface, I am unhappy with the splatter marks as I think they look a bit gimmicky.

I have been wanting to create more cardboard forms and experiment with pouring plaster over them as well as inside them.

This first attempt at doing so turned out really well. Although I had intended to build up the surface so as to be able to peel the plaster off the cardboard and remove the mould, I  am enjoying the relationship between the plaster and cardboard as it is, and so think I will keep this one at this stage and make others to test other ideas.

I've added lots more layers to the other cardboard sculptures and am looking forward to seeing the results soon.

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