Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 17

Good news - We are nearly there with the press release! It is proven to be a little trickier to create than normal as the press release is to announce both Studio Project exhibitions, i.e.
my work (in Gallery 3) and Pauline McCloy and Rebecca Green's Solaris Simulacra (in Gallery 2). With paragraphs about the work in each of the galleries as well as biographies of Pauline, Rebecca and me, there is rather a lot of information to fit into the press release, and we are conscious that people have limited time to read these things. Anyway, huge progress was made today, and we are very nearly at the completion stage!

Today I did not have any volunteers to assist me, and so I was unable to remove the moulds from the forms as they are very heavy and fragile. The volunteers have been AMAZING, and I would not have been able to make the work I am making without their help.

In my attempt to create a totally flat base to one of the forms, I poured yet another layer of plaster into the mould. I continue to be astounded by the amount of plaster it is requiring to fill this particular form.

I am enjoying the 'space-pod' style cardboard moulds, and experimented with creating different forms in cardboard. I want to use plaster on the inside and on the outside of the mould (in different sculptures).

I removed the cardboard structure that was made yesterday, away from the base, and in doing so, some of the plaster from the outside of the mould came off. It may be that in order to prevent this happening again, thicker layers of plaster need to be applied to the cardboard

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