Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 3

Today has been one of those days when, despite my best intentions, I seem to have made little progress, and I am therefore rather anxious.

I seem to have spent much of the day dealing with deliveries. Christmas has come early for me!

David from Screenchem delivered my screenprinting equipment, including two beautiful screens and a couple of squeegees. I am really impressed with the service provided by the company. David was ever so helpful when I spoke to him prior to placing an order, and his honesty and generosity do not go unnoticed. Once again, he advised me on how best to care for the equipment in order to prolong its life.

My second delivery was from Special Plasters, another organisation with staff who are happy to answer any queries. I have purchased a wider range of colours of plaster pigments, and look forward to mixing a range of new colours.

Tony, the barber next door, brought round my final delivery - cardboard!

I enjoyed hearing all about Solaris from Pauline and Rebecca. They have such wide range of practices and have done so many interesting projects.

Pauline is a lighting specialist and so I think I will be tapping into her experience when working towards the exhibition.

We were talking about how we want to use the residency as a testing and experimenting time, but we all have the pressure in the back of our minds of the exhibition, and because the residency is so much about playing, we don't really know the end result. But I guess that is the exciting thing!

Rebecca told me of a quote by a theatre group called Goat Island:

"You discover the performance by making it"

I think that is really pertinent to this project.

Good news is that Rebecca has managed to shift her commitment on 15th March and so we are now going to have our exhibition opening on Friday 15th March rather than the 8th. This gives us another week to play with, although looking at my diary I see that I am rather busy with other work commitments. Its good to have a bit of extra time though.

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