Monday, 4 February 2013

Drawing: Sculpture

This exhibition at Drawing Room, London looks very interesting.

Drawing: Sculpture presents a selection of artworks that explore whether the languages of drawing and sculpture are now intertwined or if they continue to exist in parallel. It includes work by a generation of international artists who make work that moves between sculpture and drawing, often using the medium of drawing to create works that might be defined as sculpture. The exhibition presents an international line up of artists working in some of the key cultural capitals: Anna Barriball and Alice Channer in London, Sara Barker in Glasgow, Aleana Egan in Dublin, Knut Henrik Henriksen and Bojan Šarčević in Berlin and Dan Shaw-Town in New York.

The pre-fabricated and the hand-made are combined seamlessly in works that challenge artifice and celebrate how the work is constructed. The works articulate a contest between formalism and conceptualism and the exhibition investigates the interplay between an attention to surface and material and attention to line and form.

A catalogue with an essay by Dr Anna Lovatt and images of works is available.

Exhibition curated in partnership with Leeds Art Gallery, home to the most comprehensive collection of sculpture in any regional British gallery. 

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