Friday, 22 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 12

I had a visit from my good friend Graham, and had a really good discussion about the work I've been making.

We agreed that having the mixture of solid and hollow forms is good because it encourages the audience to explore the objects due to their unpredictability. The relationship between hollow and solid will need to be explored when installing the exhibition.

The way in which the works will be presented is important, and I am wanting to work with the space, picking up on some of the unique features of the space. Graham suggested wrapping the cast plaster coloured rings round the drainpipe.

We also talked about producing pieces of plaster the same size and shape as the breezeblocks, and dotting them over the space.

I want to make use of the pillar that is in the centre of the room, and it would be a good structure to  lean a form against.

We both enjoy the use of cardboard and think that the cardboard forms are interesting as forms in their own right. Graham asked if it would be possible to pour plaster over the top of the cardboard.

Just as the cardboard could be good to create forms of a reasonable scale for the space, the plywood boards that I have made would also do this job. Plaster could be poured over part of the boards to provide a contrast to the wooden surface.

I bought a large roll of lino in order to make larger moulds for bigger cone structures.

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