Saturday, 16 February 2013

Market Gallery Residency - Day 6

After yesterday's fiasco with removing the sculpture from the mould, today I did a few experiments to investigate how the plaster reacts to different materials and surfaces.

I wrapped parcel tape around the edges of some cardboard, and poured the plaster into the shape formed by the boundaries of the cardboard pieces.

I also tried pouring the plaster down a piece of perspex and let the dribbles run into the shape formed on the floor by the edges of another 2 pieces of perspex.

I made a cone of cellophane to sit inside the lino funnel.

I dripped layers of coloured plaster into the cellophane cone.

The same method was used for another funnel, and then I filled the cone with plaster.

In another funnel, I dripped the plaster around the mould, and then poured some plaster into the bottom, before swilling this around the mould.

 Once filled and moved around the mould, I left it to rest in a box of polystrene bits in order for it to set in an angled manner.

I am much happier with the range of colours I mixed today as they are less like primary colours, and appear more considered.

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