Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Testing design on gallery walls

Having finished the to-scale design for my wall painting, I sent it to Liam McCabe who, along with Emily Garvey, is curating Bittersweet, the group exhibition that will take place at Assembly House, Leeds in March. Liam had gained access to the gallery and set up a projector in the space to check that my image did indeed fit the wall. 

Liam had imagined situating my wall painting on the wall facing the entrance, but this wall turned out to be brick and this uneven surface may pose problems when using the tape to create the lettering and also to mask out the areas for painting. He has now suggested another wall, of the same dimensions, with flat walls. The projection worked very well, with the design clear, and fitting the wall well. 

I'd be giving too much away to show you the full design, but below is a sneak preview.

Unfortunately it was not possible to get the projected image to fit the wall as it was not possible to get the projector far enough away from the wall. However, it may be possible to split the image in two halves and use a couple of projectors to form the full design. 

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