Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Drone Ensemble experiment with vocals

I am working towards my audio visual installation to be held at The Word in May, and will be collaborating with The Drone Ensemble to produce the audio for the installation. 

After an initial introduction to my project and discussion about how the collaboration could work, we had our first rehearsal and experiment on Monday evening. I specifically want to work with voices, and it will be the first time that The Drone Ensemble has used vocals as part of a performance. 

We began with some vocal exercises to warm up, and then gave each other a phrase that we had to say. Joe had been making some instruments that would alter the sound of the voice, or alter how the voice is heard. By speaking into two circular discs, the sound gets amplified for the speaker, but it does not really sound much different to the listener. Is this like the experience of an auditory hallucination? Would attaching contact microphones to the inside of the discs enable the amplified sound to be heard by the listener?

The second time that we did the exercise we also added the friction drum, and this made a real difference. People began to gain confidence in what they were doing and we established some links between what we were each doing. At times there was rhythm and other times none. 

We listened back to what we had recorded, and went through the aspects that worked and those that did not work. I am going to do some further preparation work prior to our next rehearsal and we will continue to develop the performance.

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