Sunday 18 February 2018

Matthew Pickering - Martha [Alzheimer's Machine III] at The NewBridge Project

Over the course of February, Pickering will host 3 exhibitions, each one being a part of Martha [Alzheimer’s Machine III].

The series of short artist films, photographs and installation works explore the effect of Alzheimer’s disease on the way we see, interpret and understand the world around us through the eyes of Martha, a fictional character living with AD.

Centring around Martha's move into a care facility, Martha re-experiences moments of her life unfolding within her family home, from moments of personal significance to seemingly incidental memories that slowly reveal the disconnect between her perception and reality.

The competing and intersecting narratives give conflicting accounts that examine the complex intersections between autobiographical memory, account, fact and fiction that underpin conscious recollection.

Part 1: In Transit

Preview: Thursday 15 February, 6-8pm

Exhibition Open: 16 - 17 February, 11am-5pm

The main part of In Transit was a two-screen video projection in which Pickering has expertly choreographed footage between the two screens. At times the shots continue so as if the two screens are as one, but at other times the footage on both screens is different. The tones, colours and forms within the screens are so well matched that, whatever the type of footage shown on both, it seems to correspond meaningfully. The pace of the camera movement is in keeping with the understated and contemplative tone of the work. The formal qualities of the work are outstanding - Pickering is a pro at creating beautiful and compelling compositions - but when paired with his theoretical understanding of AD, the work is taken to another level

Part 2: Dissolution

Preview: Tuesday 20 February, 6-8pm

Exhibition Open: 21 February, 6-8pm and 22 February, 11am - 5pm

Part 3: Lapse

Closing Event: Tuesday 27 February, 6-8pm

Exhibition Open: 24 - 25 February, 11am-5pm

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