Friday, 8 May 2015

Painting by numbers, and letters and pictures

Jodie and I are in the final stages of preparation for our forthcoming Out of Kansas exhibition at the Lit and Phil which opens on Tuesday evening.

Part of the exhibition will consist of sculptural forms sitting on top of the existing bookshelves in the library. These forms are constructed with 3 pieces of MDF which have been painted according to our colour scheme. Each form is one of three heights: high, medium and low, and one of 3 surfaces: yellow matt, warm yellow matt or/and acrylic mirrored.  

With lots of similar shapes and sizes, it is easy to get them confused with each other. This is problematic because we have chosen the colour combinations carefully and there are specific pieces that need to go against each other in order for the tapered edges to join neatly.

We developed a methodical system of labelling (using numbers, letters and pictures) and worked our way through painting all of the sides in a logical manner. It was satisfying to leave the studio tonight with the forms painted and propped up in their groups around the room. The next step is to apply the vinyl to the surfaces to be mirrored.                                                      

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