Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A poetic response to 'Out of Kansas'

Artist Holly Weaver attended the Out of Kansas discussion event at the Lit & Phil, and following her visit she wrote to us about her experience.

"Going upstairs to see your work truly made the difference, I enjoyed the fact that from where we were sitting downstairs you could only see a slither of colour, on some of the shelves I was unsure if anything was there and then going upstairs I was really overwhelmed and inspired by the structures. On the way home I wrote a piece about the work and thought I would share it with you:"

As happy coincidence would have it, this surface is yellow.
Golden, invisible, but Gold. This was unexpected. 
I had the urge to conquer each of them,
to jump over the rail and hop from each like tiles on a path.
They are chunks of cheese, unreachable from the ground much like,
the episode of Wallace and Gromit on a grand day out, crackers at
the ready to sample the cheese on the moon in their makeshift
Exhilarated and otherworldly.
Monuments born out of wood. The Gold though.

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