Friday, 29 May 2015

Library of yellow

I am delighted that Jill Arthey has responded to her experience of Out of Kansas by writing a poem. Jill saw the exhibition poster at The Hatton Gallery, and was intrigued so came along to the preview where she met me and Jodie for the first time. She talked to us at length, sharing her love of yellow with us Anne recommending a number of books for us to read, including The Culture of Yellow. 

Jodie and I invited Jill to the discussion event, and it was at this that she began to write this poem

Library of Yellow
Morticia's mould of mellow hue
Geometric jive
Yellow fellow of mirrored edge
Drones in their hive
Triangular trap of mind freedom
Structured box, told tales
Rectangles receding
Zebra striped for style
Creamed edge crevice
Wound healing
Loud lemons expose luddite minds
Located lexicon design
Looting the literary of the philistine
Refraction, reflected roles.
Jill Arthey 

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