Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Work swap with Meg Held

It is always interesting to meet someone who makes work of a similar nature to yourself, but who approaches it from a completely different angle.

Like me, Textile Designer Meg Held has an interest in colour, texture and patterns. After doing the fabric printing workshop with her a few weeks ago, we reminded each other that we had agreed to do a work swap, and so today I visited her studio to choose the piece of her work I would like, and she came to my studio to choose the piece of my work that she would like. Work swaps are a great way to build up a collection of artwork without the exchange of any money!

This hand-coloured drawing is the piece of Meg's work that I chose as a swap:


Meg and I have agreed to do a skills share whereby we teach each other a skill for free. Meg would like me to show her how to cast, and I am going to be shown how to print on fabric by Meg. 

Meg was telling me about a group she has just joined to promote and sell her work. Check out for more information

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