Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ongoing work 03/08/2013

Success!The casts I did yesterday have worked. I enjoy the simplicity of the single colour face of the squares, with the multicoloured layers around the edges.

I begin by casting the square face, allowing that to dry overnight before adding another mould inside the square and filling the rim with layers of colours. The inside mould is the shape of the batons, so once I remove the mould and the plaster is dried, the batons can be placed inside and used to mount the work on the wall.


I now intend to produce a series of these works in a given range of colours.

This experiment was also successful, but I would need to use a file to tidy up the edges of the hole.

I was attracted to the colours of nail varnish, and thought it may be interesting to use the nail varnish in some drawings. The surface quality is rather lush, especially when applied to the matt grey plaster.

These are the colours of plaster squares I made today.

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