Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Rosie Roberts, Director of 2|1|4|1, a new artist led collective

This afternoon I met with Rosie Roberts, Artist and Director of a new artist led collective called 2|1|4|1.

2|1|4|1 is an Artist Led Collective based in Scotland, established in May 2013 by director Rosie Roberts alongside founders Frances Lightbound and Kirsty Macleod. There are also 11 Key Members: Alexander Millar | Cat Meighan | Nick Thomas | Lauren Mclaughin | Jack Farrell | Joanna Peace | Sam De Santis | Silja Strøm | Kenneth Davidson | Rachel Gallacher.

Together they form the structure that hopes to encourage


amongst emerging artists in Scotland.


2|1|4|1 is a brand new artist led collective responding to the need for artists in the youth of their career to be able to interact with their peers on a wider scale than is available at present.

2|1|4|1 wishes to create the space for a community to correspond, collaborate and contribute online, through events and opportunities enabled by the infrastructure of the collective. We aim to break down walls surrounding the mysterious timescale between graduation and a sustained professional career, that can often seem like an endless cloudy abyss we are all walking through - together, but alone. Accessibility and a critical commitment to making and showing contemporary works are at the heart of the collective’s ethos.

2|1|4|1 is overseen by three Founders and a core group of six to twelve Members who will contribute key skills to the successful and efficient running of the collective and its content.

2|1|4|1 is an open forum that will initially manifest itself in an active Internet presence. The content of this will be relevant critical writing, feature pieces, reviews, news on upcoming shows and opportunities, enabling 100% accessibility at all times.


The first ever 

2|1|4|1 Annual Members Show will be held at the Main Gallery Space in Glasgow's SWG3!

Opening Thursday 5th September
After party in The Poetry Club with special guest DJ's
Show available to view Friday 6th 10-10
Saturday 7th 10-10 plus special events/performances/artist talks in The Poetry Club
last viewing day Sunday 8th 10-5 !


General Enquiries :
Facebook :
Twitter : @collective2141
Website :

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