Thursday, 8 August 2013

8th August - more casts

As I am sure you can see from the photos over the past few weeks, my studio is not in the tidiest of states, and I am running out of space to leave things to dry!

But, I am really enjoying the way the work is progressing and want to have a collection of colours to select from.

I really like the texture of the surface, created by making the mould from cardboard.

The surface quality is enhanced by adding plenty of polymer to the plaster, which gives a sheen, and this makes the ripples of the cardboard more noticeable.

I need to leave the plaster uncovered to dry, but am concerned that I don't want them to get dirty. I want the colours to remain as they are, and the polymer helps retain this.

I am going to test what happens if I paint polymer (or a diluted version) onto the surface, in the hope that it will help protect the plaster, preserve the colour and enhance the surface quality by adding a slight shine.

I have made the inside of the casts hollow in order for the wooden batons to fit flush inside, therefore being hidden. The wooden batons are needed to attach the work to the method of wall hanging used by the gallery in which these works will first be exhibited. 

I do enjoy the hollowed out back of the work, and will consider how I am able to exhibit this side of the work.

The edges are very important in this series, and so I will need to ensure that there is a large enough gap between the different pieces in order for the layered sides to be visible.

It would also be interesting to be able to view all sides of the work, but I do not want to display them on  a plinth.

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