Friday, 9 August 2013

casting - 9th August

Today I added more layers to the casts already in progress, and also begun a new set of casts. 

The above casts will by ready to be removed from their moulds tomorrow.

Using the 25cm x 25cm squares for my forthcoming exhibition in Motherwell will allow me to present a range of diiferent colours, and they will be light enough to hang on the wire hanging system used by the gallery.

However, I would also like to try to make some larger scale works using the same process, and so today made a bigger mould and poured the first layer of plaster into it. Increasing the size introduces a number of issues that do not arise when working with the smaller squares. For example, the pieces will need to be reinforced with a fibreglass material in order to give strength and prevent cracking (hopefully). I also find it more challenging to make large batches of plaster that are smooth and lump free. Pouring large amounts is also more difficult, and ideally another set of hands is required to ensure that the plaster is evenly distributed.

Below are some test casts that I have been producing to record the colours made and test out how different colours complement each other.

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