Thursday, 29 August 2013

Troublesome Thursday

I've come across a few technical problems today.

When removing the most recent casts from their moulds, I noticed that a couple of batches of coloured plaster have not set properly, and so they would not be of good enough quality to exhibit.

Unfortunately, the pale beige colour is one of the dodgy mixtures, and I included this colour in most of the casts made this week.

I have opened up most of the moulds that I have been able to, and hope that they will dry out now that they are exposed to the air. If the plaster sets as it should, then it will be a huge relief!

Otherwise, I will have to carry on making more casts this weekend in order to have enough to install in the exhibition next Wednesday. I had planned to spend the weekend tidying up the edges, coating the casts in polymer and attaching the hanging fixtures to the work, ready to be packed next week. However, this may be delayed if I need to be doing more casting.

 Casts drying out

 These are a few of the casts that could fully be removed from the moulds. Unfortunately the dark teal front layer of the cast (far left) separated from the other layers, and so can't be included in the exhibition

These fragments came off the edges of the cast with the dark teal front layer

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