Monday, 30 March 2015

Tess Williams talks about her process

I came across a blog post in which London based artist Tess Williams discusses her working process. Williams is currently at Central Saint Martins where she will complete her MA Fine Art in June 2015. She specialises in painting and painting installation. 

I can relate to the way that she talks about:

exploring where one discipline ends and the next begins

the materiality of the work as a whole as being important 

engaging with how folds, creases and movement within the materials can act as a form of mark making, creating shadows, lines and shapes, whilst adding new tones to the colours of the paint

exploring the way folds introduce both inside and outside, in front and behind, what this evokes, compared with the emphasis on surface alone of traditional painting

preferring to be surrounded by rich and absorbent visual stimuli in order to add depth and balance to a world saturated with screen-based imagery

the physical link between artist and viewer 

creating work that engages with the space it is placed in

creating a dialogue between the install space and the work; the wall and the materiality of the painting

total immersion in a space/artwork as being enveloping and grounding

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For more about Tess Williams visit her website

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