Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Susie Green artist talk

Tonight's postgraduate artist seminar was with Susie Green. In an essay about her practice, Susannah Thompson describes Susie as "a polymathic practitioner working across fine art, design and music". She spoke openly and honestly about not always knowing what she is doing, her desire at times to make the audience feel uneasy and her thoughts on selling her work.

The presentation or display of Susie's work is well-considered, leading us to discuss the links between presentation styles used by artists and the methods used in shops. The way in which someone navigates themselves through a gallery space is of importance to me, and I pay close attention to the space existing between works, relationships between pieces and the position of the viewer in relation to multiple elements. Similarly, visual merchandisers focus on how to direct the consumer through the shop, the positioning of key products in prime locations, and how to attract the viewer to promotions and selected items.

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