Monday, 20 December 2010

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Glasgow Life or Death by Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt

An analysis of the privatisation of Glasgow City Council’s cultural and leisure services was met with legal threats when it was published a couple of years ago.

For the past six months, Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt has been updating this research using as many of the investigative tools at my disposal as possible. A full report is now online

Please download it before it is threatened with removal.

Against a backdrop of growing inequality in the city, Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG), or Glasgow Life as the company now prefers to call itself, has: failed to attract the outside funding on which its financial model was predicated, which means that vital services will have to be cut. run up a staggering pension deficit during its time of operation. trampled on the rights of its workers, which were supposed to be protected under the terms of its agreement with the council. prioritised the attraction of tourists to the city over the needs of the people of Glasgow. allowed its board members to profit from skewed procurement processes.bypassed mechanisms in place to ensure transparency. In the current climate of cuts to the public sector, it is necessary to make these findings known to the broadest possible readership, so that this devolved model of service provision is thoroughly rejected as a future option.

Please disseminate this report to anyone you think might be interested.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

NAD/BAX WHATS NEW 60 HOURS SHOP - on the radio

As you know, I will have work for sale in the NAD/BAX WHATS NEW 60 HOURS SHOP on 21st, 22nd and 23rd December at the Briggait, Glasgow. Unfortunately I won't be there in person, but IT WILL BE WONDERFUL, and i hope you are able to go along.

Lee Ivett (one half of NAD/BAX) was interviewed on the Radio Show Subcity on Dec 13. He talked about NAD/BAX WHATS NEW 60 HOURS SHOP, and ran through the list of participating artists.

When on the subcity website, look for link on right to the programme and the interview is 23 min in to the show.


an alternative way of folding a map

Monday, 13 December 2010

NAD/BAX - WHAT'S NEW - 60 HOURS SHOP Dec 21 - 23rd.

this will be wonderful

Opening times Dec 21st - 22nd 11am - 6pm -
EVENT Dec 23rd 7pm - 9pm -
Closing Dec 23rd 4pm

23rd. NADFLY - Nicola Atkinson Does Fly + BAXENDALE - Lee Ivett creates a temporary shop in the Briggait Front Galleries, with other fellow artists, musicians, architects, writers, filmmakers, silversmiths, designers and ceramicists. They have created 100 gifts for the Holidays. The public can purchase these artistic gifts for £5 up to £50, making it affordable for everyone.

Nicola Atkinson Does Fly

Lee Ivett

Siobhain Forde

Hannah Buss

Aby Vulliamy

Stephanie Spindler

Carol Lambie

Chris Wallace

Julie Chapman

Marion Preez

Diane Dawson

Hanna Tuulikki
Rowena S Combie

Angharad McLaren

Helen Shaddock

Alison Macleod

Janie Nicoll

and more to follow

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

from a one-armed Helen

My work has taken a little bit of a back seat this week due to unforeseen circumstances. On Sunday I slipped on the ice and now have a fractured arm and a bruised spine - ouch!

So, my grand plans of casting sculptures have been postponed as I try to learn how to do everything with one hand and limited bending.

Recovery could take up to 6-7weeks, but hopefully I will get back into action before that. In the meanwhile, I will be doing more drawings, computer work, proposals and (hopefully) updating my website!

P.U.P.S Extended Opening Times

Due to the popularity of the Pop Up Print Shop, there will be an extension to the opening hours by two more days – 11th & 12th December. That’s just two more days to access some original fine art prints from the talented hands of 17 artists.

P.U.P.S will be providing the now famous mulled cider to help with the thaw, so pop in at 57 Byres Road before the shutters roll down for the very last time on Sunday at 6pm.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Solo exhibition at Here Gallery, Bristol in 2011

My exhibition proposal for the Here Gallery, Bristol was selected, and so in 2011 I will be having a solo exhibition down south!

Check out the gallery's website here:

I'm not yet sure of the dates, but will keep you posted

I emerge from the paperwork!

It seems like i have spent the past month writing various applications, reports and proposals - all part and parcel of being an artist, but, oh how i am looking forward to focusing on my studio work again.

Having gained Professional Development funding from the Scottish Arts Council last year, I was required to produce a report detailing how i used the money, what was/were the outcomes, the benefits of having the funding, the audience of the work etc.

Taking the place of the SAC, Creative Scotland have a similar fund for artists, and so many hours were spent pouring over this application. I even took a special trip to Edinburgh especially to drop off my application at Creative Scotland - no offense Royal Mail, but I just couldn't take the risk of late delivery.

The following week was the deadline for the Glasgow Visual Artist Grant Scheme, and so another application was submitted for this fund. Fingers crossed.

A while ago I was approached by Here Gallery in Bristol, and encouraged to submit a proposal for a solo exhibition in 2011. So, I ended the month of November by submitting an exhibition proposal.

It's back to the studio tomorrow!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pop Up Print Shop (P.U.P.S)

I have some collograph prints for sale at the Pop Up Print Shop at 57 Byres Road, Glasgow.

I visited the shop today and enjoyed perusing through a wide range of Fine Art editioned prints by established and emerging artists including:

Karen Vaughan
Rachel Duckhouse
Al Gow
Gillian Mclarty
Diane Dawson
Janie Nicoll

What a super opportunity to get handmade, original, reasonably priced Christmas presents.

Opening hours:
26th - 28th November - 11am - 6pm
2nd - 5th December - 11am - 6pm

for more info please visit

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Books taken to Glasgow Print Studio

Today I dropped off a number of my recent artist books at Glasgow Print Studio to be sold in their Christmas shop. Here are a few that can be purchased from GPS.

My Little Book of Notes

The Little Book of Things to Do

My handy little book

Friday, 5 November 2010

Braço de Ferro

The Glasgow School of Art Exhibitions Department is currently hosting this week (2-6 Nov) a Research and Development visit by Porto and Lisbon based Isabel Carvahlo and Pedro Nora, who are Braço de Ferro.

They are currently meeting with the GSA staff, students and Scottish practitioners working with artist books, design and experimental writing.

I met with them yesterday and took them on a trip to Edinburgh to visit:

The Fruitmarket Gallery Bookshop which has a range of artist books and lots of other wonderful publications

Analogue - a brilliant art and design bookshop with a gallery too

The Scottish Poetry Library with an exhibition of tiny artists books

From their visit they will develop a proposal for a project with the GSA Exhibitions Department.

It was brilliant to visit these places, hear about their projects, and tell them about Glasgow International Artists' Bookfair and my own artists books and artistic practice.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

artist books in GSA library

The GSA library has recently purchased a couple of my new artist books, and have blogged about them!

Check out the link

Sunday, 17 October 2010

drainpipe sculptures

Enter my studio at the moment and you will be greeted by what could be core samples from unknown lands...

multi-coloured mountains

Inspired by my trip to the Badlands when recently in Canada, I have created a multi-layered plaster cast using the same mould that I used for the paper cast sculpture.

Artists Books

I enjoy working on a couple of projects at the same time, in order to add variety to my work. As well as casting, I have been working on numerous artists books.

The time-consuming and delicate nature of making the artists books is balanced with the more free and less intricate process of casting the drainpipe sculptures.

I am hoping to sell a range of my artists' books at Glasgow Print Studio, but please get in touch if you would like to make a purchase - an excellent Christmas present I think!

multi-layered books

360 degree 'catherine wheel'

I enjoy the way that this form of book creates movement, rather like an animation as the drawing moves around the sculpture.

Hand cut hardback book

Hand cut books

I have created a series of books using a single sheet of paper. Each book has a hand-made pocket for it to fit inside.

Spiral book

I have recently been very busy producing a range of sculptural artists books.

The spiral books show the beauty that can be produced by folding paper.

paper casts

After a great deal of 'patting' the paper pulp into the mould (it took hours until the water was adequately removed from the pulp), I left the paper to dry in the studio.

Weeks after, the paper was finally dry and it could be taken out of the mould.

Here is the result:

I am pleased with the result, especially given that it was my first attempt at the paper cast process.

Although the paper is white, when pinned to the wall (as intended), the three dimensional nature of the cast is emphasised by the varied tonal qualities produced by the shadows and lighting conditions.

Friday, 8 October 2010

AHM Symposium - it's nearly time!

As many of you will know, I am Research Assistant for AHM (Sam Ainsley, David Harding and Sandy Moffat).

Over the past few months I have been helping to organise their first symposium:

STATE OF PLAY: Art and culture in Scotland today.

When coordinating any public event, the weeks leading to the event become increasingly busy, but as I sit here tonight, I feel pretty confident that we are on top of things.

The marketing has been done and flyers circulated
The volunteers have been recruited
The documentation of the event has been organised and batteries are charging
The catering has been ordered and additional supplies bought
The venue has been set up
Signage has been applied to the venue
All the tickets have sold out

Lets just hope that all our efforts pay of tomorrow

I am ultra excited about the event, and feel incredibly honored to work with AHM.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Shelley Krycer

One of the great things about Open Studios is that it is a super opportunity to meet new people.

Over the weekend I had many interesting conversations with a range of people, some whom i already knew, and others who i didn't.

Shelley Krycer is a Melbourne based artist who is currently on her travels with her brother, and just happened to be in Glasgow for the open studios weekend.

We share some similar interests, and there is potential for us to do some kind of project together... watch this space!

You can find out more about Shelley by viewing her website:

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Open Studios - 2nd and 3rd October 2010

On a wet and miserable day, what could be better to do than pop along to the Briggait to have a gander round the artists' studios.

Thanks to everyone who came today. I hope you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow the studios will be open from 12pm - 5pm.

I hope to see you there!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wasps Artists' Open Studios Weekend

I would like to invite you to the annual Wasps Artists' Open Studios Weekend.

I will be spending the weekend in my Studio (122) at the Briggait, and hope you can pop in.

The opening hours are:

Saturday 2nd October 11am - 5pm
Sunday 3rd October 12noon - 5pm

The Briggait is a magnificent building by the River Clyde that served as the city’s fish market for over 100 years, but following its recent transformation, now contains 45 studios.

For more information about the Briggait please visit

For more information about WASPs studios please visit

Hope to see you at the weekend.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Pound Gallery

I have recently contributed work to The Pound Gallery.

POUND GALLERY is an enterprise for losing money. The gallery retails second-rate products of emerging artists for next to nothing. The prices cannot cover even the manufacturing costs of the works, let alone the gallery space rent, promotion or transportation expenses. Pound Gallery seeks to increase accessibility of contemporary art by making it affordable to everyone.

THE POUND GALLERY COLLECTION consists of flaws and byproducts of creative processes: proof-prints, sketches, experiments etc. All the works are original, authorized and signed. Pound Gallery celebrates imperfection, looking to reclaim the uniqueness and presence of a product through its defects. At the moment the Pound Gallery catalogue includes over 300 works.

HELSINKI-BASED Pound Gallery is yet to have a permanent location. Before opening in late 2010 or early 2011 Pound Gallery is looking to further enhance its collections.

For more information please visit

an important message about the arts - David Shrigley animation

Save the Arts: Jeremy Deller Poster

Save the Arts: Jeremy Deller Poster