Thursday, 9 July 2020

Locked in - Lockdown - Day 107

Lockdown Diaries featured in Supercool blog

I'm delighted to have my Lockdown Diaries featured in Supercool's blog

This is how Supercool describe their project:

We've worked in the arts and culture sector for over 15 years; some of us spending the majority of our pre-Supercool careers working for venues or touring companies.

Now, the sector is facing some of its biggest-ever challenges. Even with the most thorough emergency planning and risk strategies in place, none of us have experience of how best to deal with a global pandemic.

So, we wanted to find out how you – the people who work for and with beloved venues, touring companies, museums, galleries, festivals – are navigating this crisis.

Locked in - Lockdown - Day 106