Thursday, 26 May 2011

Casting and Cooking

I have recently become aware of the links between the casting process and baking.

There is a recipe to follow, (although ingredients can be altered in order to produce variations), weighing ingredients, mixing, stirring, spooning out quantities and waiting for them to set.

Initial drawings with plaster

The drawings are most interesting when the outcome is not controlled.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Book of colours

As Ive been making each tower I have been recording the colour of plaster, and thought I would see how this would work in book format.

It doesn't really work as book because the plaster cracks and the pages are too thick.

Drawing with remnants

I have used fragments of plaster to create the circular image from the sculptures. I don't think it works because it is too controlled and contrived and feels very restrictive.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector

I am thoroughly enjoying reading one of my new purchases, 'Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector' by artist Ellie Harrison.

Initially flicking through this small publication, I was attracted to the colourful charts and repetitive imagery, but there is a much more serious note to this book. It marks a turning point in Harrison's artistic career; a time when she decides to stop doing activities that her practice had previously revolved around in an attempt to 'stop making work about myself and start making work about the world'. In her own words "There is now such a ridiculous abundance of boring information about other people's lives on the internet, I felt obliged to stop adding to it."

The book examines the wider reasons behind Ellies actions; living in a culture of quantifying behaviour, Thatherism and performance measurement. She also draws upon artists who have acted in similar ways. In the style of a self help guide, motivational slogans sum up each chapter, giving ideas to move forward.

Knowing Harrison's current practice, I found it very satisfying to see how she has succeeded in becoming an artist with 'a healthier and more outward-looking practice'.

She produces work that is pertinant, uses humour intellegently, and is truely committed to everything she does.

I strongly recommend visiting Ellie's excellent website
For Megan Smith's review of 'Confessions of a Recovering Data Collector' please visit

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Imi Maufe - World Atlas

Imi Maufe invited the public to help create a World Atlas from memory during the BABE weekend. The work in progress was on view during the weekend, before being bound into a book at the end.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bristol Artist Bookfair Event

I timed my trip to coincide with a number of events going on in Bristol, and it was an action packed few days.

The Bristol Artist Bookfair Event (BABE) took place at Arnolfini on Saturday and Sunday.

Spread over three floors, more than 80 artist bookmakers, dealers and small presses from Bristol and around the world came together at Arnolfini to show and sell their work. There was a great variety of work, and it was lovely to catch up with friends from the Artist Book world, many of whom have participated in Glasgow International Artists Bookfair which I co-organised in 2008 and 2010.

Here Gallery Bookshop

Above the Here Gallery is the Here Gallery Bookshop stocking a wide range of very inviting artist publications, prints, collages, magazines and other art objects.

Site visit to the Here Gallery

In preparation for my exhibition at the Here Gallery in June, I visited the gallery and admired the current exhibition 'Hostile Places' by Julia McKinlay.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Trip to Bristol

I took advantage of the long weekend and made a trip to Bristol for a super weekend full of art.

The wonderful Christine (Gallery Co-ordinator at Here Gallery) was my host and did a super job at showing me the joys of Bristol.