Friday, 3 December 2010

I emerge from the paperwork!

It seems like i have spent the past month writing various applications, reports and proposals - all part and parcel of being an artist, but, oh how i am looking forward to focusing on my studio work again.

Having gained Professional Development funding from the Scottish Arts Council last year, I was required to produce a report detailing how i used the money, what was/were the outcomes, the benefits of having the funding, the audience of the work etc.

Taking the place of the SAC, Creative Scotland have a similar fund for artists, and so many hours were spent pouring over this application. I even took a special trip to Edinburgh especially to drop off my application at Creative Scotland - no offense Royal Mail, but I just couldn't take the risk of late delivery.

The following week was the deadline for the Glasgow Visual Artist Grant Scheme, and so another application was submitted for this fund. Fingers crossed.

A while ago I was approached by Here Gallery in Bristol, and encouraged to submit a proposal for a solo exhibition in 2011. So, I ended the month of November by submitting an exhibition proposal.

It's back to the studio tomorrow!

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