Monday, 23 March 2015

Drafting day 2

Once again the day began with a group breakfast, but today this was followed by a workshop lead by Denys Blacker. In the workshop we explored notions of personal space, interactions between individuals, eye contact, movement and sound.

Meal time

We then worked through the schedule for the performances in the evening. The event today featured the durational works, and the performances which were to be seen at the same time as other performances.

I had some really memorable conversations with different artists, and we helped each other work through ideas. It really seemed like an alternative educational model.

Props for Lee 

Dionne Mombeyarara practises

Joana Cifre-Cerda 

Michelle Follett 

Props in place for performances
Again, the evening was a big success, with a really great turnout and great performances. It was such an incredible event to be part of, with such an inspirational group of people involved. 

We all mucked in with the cleaning up, and then went down to the kitchen to celebrate with curry!

Cleaning up is a big team effort

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