Monday, 16 March 2015

Drafting - Performance/Drawing Events - Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March

20th - 21st March 2015,
5-8pm both evenings,
Project space, Baltic 39, High Bridge, Newcastle.

An exploratory, two day performance event; This project brings together eighteen artists to investigate a range of approaches to drawing through performance, and to drawing as a performative process.

Participating Artists;
Denys Blacker, Joana Cifre-Cerda, Gillian Dyson, Megan Fell, Victoria Grey, Debbie Guinnane, Lee Hassall, Ricky James, Sandra Johnston, Isabelle Kroese, Alistair MacLennan, Sally Madge, Rene Mcbearty, Lily Mellor, Dionne Mombeyarara, Helen Shaddock, Markos Sotiriou, Nathan Walker

With thanks to; 
Mike Collier, Megan Fell, Sandra Johnston, Esen Kaya, Sally Madge, Lily Mellor 

A draft is generally understood as the preliminary outline of an idea - a text or image that by its nature is malleable and subject to change through a series of adjustments. Where drawing is concerned the term implies developmental phases, including aspects of abstraction in the making of plans, diagrams, signs and notations. Perhaps, the term can even, by extension, be used to articulate ideas of encoded behaviours; it signals how a sense of emergence hovers around the act and concept of drawing, the potential for gaining access to imagined ideas or extracting directly from actual situations; it suggests multiple ways that through drawing it is possible to create physical evidence of both external and embodied circumstances.

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