Sunday, 14 January 2018

Curator studio visit for Assembly House exhibition

Today Liam McCabe and Emily Garvey came for a studio visit. 

Liam McCabe is a visual artist, curator, writer and works on the Programme Team at East Street Arts based in Leeds. His artwork explores data, repetition and information overload.

Emily Garvey is a visual artist based in Newcastle. Her interests lie partially within the realm of the digital. Using 3D modelling software, she produces fantastical virtual worlds, which echo not only ideas of paradise but also well-known mundane environments, of which we are all familiar. Emily and Liam are curating BITTER SWEET, a group exhibition that will take place at Assembly House in Leeds in March this year.

We met to discuss ideas and plans for the exhibition.

This is the space

The exhibition will include the following artists

Neil Carrivine
Emily Garvey
Jawbone Jawbone
Oliver Perry
Helen Shaddock

It was really good to share my ideas with Liam and Emily and to hear about what some of the other artists are working on for the exhibition. It is shaping up nicely!

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