Sunday, 28 June 2015

Screenprinting examples

These are some images of recent screen printing experiments.

This print was made by using a unexposed screen (one with no image on). Rather than printing one colour at a time, I added a number of colours to the screen before using the squeegee to push the ink through the screen. I enjoy the unpredictability of what will be produced and the fact that each print is unique.

The above pattern came about through the use of tissue paper to print on. Because that part of the screen got a lot of ink pushed through, the tissue paper buckled when printed on, creating this rather appealing pattern.

The above marks were made by spraying water onto the ink on the screen before printing. Spraying the screen helps keep the ink to the consistency for printing, as opposed to drying on the screen.

The image above is formed from a number of prints of the same design, but each time I printed, I turned the paper around to help reduce the predictability of the pattern.

In these examples, I printed one design in light blue onto the paper and then waited till it had dried to enable another layer to be added in a different design and a different colour.

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