Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Lino cutting workshop

Today I took part in a lino cutting workshop organised and led by Erika Servin as part of the VAMOS Festival.

I begun by drawing what I imagined as multilayered platforms of varied height onto the lino. I was then told by the Mexicans that Mexico is famous for its hallucinogenic mushrooms, and my drawing reminded them of such mushrooms. This was completely unintentional.

The areas where there is a black line were not cut into, leaving this part raised and therefore ready to take the ink.

We looked at how to create different tones using different marks.

Eduardo showed me how to create an unusual mottled effect by ironing the surface of the lino. Unfortunately, the lino that we were using was too thick for the iron to melt the surface, but he did have a little sample of thinner lino to demonstrate on, so I got to see how the melting surface produced the unusual imagery.

From the lino above, I produced the print below.

I can't say that I am fond of what I made, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and was really impressed with what the others produced.

Eduardo, one of the Mexican's leading the workshop kindly gave me one of his lino cuts. Now thats an example of how to do a lino cut!

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