Monday, 1 June 2015

Mick Peter: Pyramid Selling at Tramway, Glasgow

Pyramid Selling, Mick Peter's current solo exhibition of sculptures at Tramway, Glasgow,   "draws on a number of sources, including those of literature, commercial illustration and graphic design. Mimicking the tropes of ‘witty’ graphic design from the 60’s and 70’s, the exhibition takes a satirical look at the role of the individual against the backdrop of industry and labour (the making of his exhibition at Tramway included)."

The sculptures resemble quick hand drawn sketches that have been transformed into large three-dimensional forms. 

Peter sets a scene, rather like a theatrical stage or retail space. In one part of the gallery, the human sized characters are working towards the exhibition, moving around pieces that form a pyramid structure. Meanwhile, a man, who appears to be a boss, monitors their performance, tracking their sales charts.

On the other side of the gallery, a number of large-scale zips pose on the completed pyramid.

Peter's installation commands the incredibly challenging gallery of Tramway 2, a space that has been, and continues to be many things, from a tram shed, to a museum of transport, and for this exhibition, a kind of theatre / retail space.

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