Saturday, 23 August 2014

Thursday 21st August at Dumfries House

I know that I am going to donate the series of 5 drawings related to Chippendale's 'A Lady's Writing Table and Bookcase', but in the set of 5 that I showed Charlotte, one of the drawings had the image in reverse to the others, so I wanted to make a version that follows the same pattern as the others, and see how that looks within the series.

This is both versions together in a direct relationship. 

I also wanted to create a couple of similar collages for me to keep to remind me of the work that I have donated.

I then experimented with the order of the drawings within the series.

I decided that I like having the one drawing slightly different to the others as it adds a little variation. 
After much consideration, I have decided on the following order for the piece.

I had to complete a artwork donation form, and write a bit of text to go with the work. This is what I came up with:

Title: A Gentlewoman's Studies

Artist Statement in relation to donated artwork: Shaddock's interest in structures and layers prompted an investigation into the Chippendale furniture within Dumfries House. The studies are a way of reimagining 'A Lady's Writing Table and Bookcase' as found in 'The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Directory'.

I produced the final postcard drawing to complete the frame. There are a number of empty frames within the studios and I was interested in the notion that in the House there are frames that have been made in plaster, as a feature within the wall, and therefore the artwork for inside it needed to be a suitable size.

As each of the drawings is on a separate postcard, my intention is to send each of the postcards to a member of staff at Dumfries House that has played a part in my experience on the residency. I am going to work on the text for these postcards so that they are individual to each person they are given to, but when put together, tell the story of my journey on the residency and the development of the artwork. 

When talking to Nikki about this, she came up with an interesting suggestion - namely to frame it within 2 pieces of glass so as to be able to see the front and back of the postcards - 'recto verso'.

Sadly, as I leave tomorrow, tonight I need to pack up in the studio and apartment.

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