Monday, 18 August 2014

Sunday 17th August at Dumfries House

Today I began working on some studies from the drawings of furniture that I found in the Chippendale Drawing book. As well as showing the front view, the drawings give a cross section of the furniture, and it is this that particularly attracted my attention due to the layers.

My first drawing of this series is made using the insides of envelopes. I have been collecting envelopes for a while now as I enjoy the patterns on the inside of the envelopes, and I thought that these ready-made patterns would fit in with the decorative nature of Dumfries House. The range of blue hues are similar to the blues used for the Dumfries House fabric and the four poster bed in the Family bedroom.

For the next drawing I used cut out pieces from magazines to provide a range of colours and patterns. I think this doesn't really work as it is too busy and there are too many colours going on.

I went out into the grounds and found common colours that are found within the Dumfries House Estate. 

I came across The Doocot, which is the oldest building on the Estate as it originates from 1671.

Using colour swatches matching the kind of colours commonly found within the Dumfries House Estate, I produced a range of other studies.

I then investigated the pattern on the ceiling of the Pewter Corridor, and created a couple of studies using envelopes.

At the moment I feel that my work is very two-dimensional and flat, so I am conscious that I want to work further into it and produce some more sustained work.

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