Monday, 11 August 2014

Scotland Can Make It

Walking out of my studio yesterday I noticed a rather colourful pole. 

Given the little tags that are on the pole, I believe that this intervention was something arranged by Angharad McLaren as part of her 'Scotland Can Make It' project.

Scotland Can Make It! is a collection of six limited edition souvenirs, designed and manufactured entirely in Scotland. Commissioned by Panel for 2014 the souvenirs have been created by leading Scottish designers and artists in close collaboration with producers, fabricators and developers across Scotland. 

Angharad McLaren designed Home / Away, a set of two woven merino wool scarves, that are to support your team during the Commonwealth Games, as people from all nations gather in Glasgow to participate, spectate and cheer on their homeland.
Their pattern is inspired by traditional herringbone tweed – the original performance fabric for outdoor sport and activity and is a pattern that continues to form a mainstay of the internationally renowned Scottish textiles industry.
A few weeks ago, Angharad organised a 'Weavethon' event – a relay where a weaving shuttle takes the place of a baton - the race is on to weave enough colourful tweed to ‘yarn bomb’ a secret Games location for the closing weekend. People were invited to help her create the work.

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