Monday, 16 December 2013

Running out of polymer

In order to achieve the vibrant, strong colours of the plaster, I add polymer to the plaster, water and pigment mix. The polymer has two functions; one is to strengthen the cast and the other is to retain the intensity of the colour.

Also, once a cast has been removed from its mould, I dilute some polymer with water and dip the cast into the liquid, turning it round to ensure that all sides have been covered in the polymer dilution.

The rate at which I have been going through plaster, polymer and pigment has surprised me, and while I wait for my next delivery of materials, I have had to reduce the amount of polymer and pigment I have been using.

As one can see from the latest batch of casts, this reduction in polymer and pigment produces chalky, pale colours. These are the tones that are often associated with plaster.

Hopefully my order of materials will be delivered tomorrow, and I can go back to creating bold colours.

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