Saturday, 28 December 2013

Markus Linnenbrink

As I am preparing work for my solo exhibition at 1 Royal Terrace, I am thinking about how the work addresses the categories of sculpture, installation and painting, and if these categories are actually necessary and/or useful. 

I am conscious that I want the exhibition to be varied enough to avoid being predictable, but for it also to sit together as a coherent whole.

I have been looking into artists who work in similar ways to myself, and came across the wonderful work of Markus Linnenbrink


Linnenbrink creates sculpture, installation and paintings, and I have been investigating the way in which he spans the different disciplines when installing a solo exhibition.

At the moment all the work I have been making for my 'Brimming' exhibition is made from plaster, but I think that another dimension is needed in the form of another material and/or different process.

I am working on some two-dimensional drawings and prints which will, potentially be included in the exhibition.

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