Saturday, 14 December 2013

Action plan made

This morning I met with Petter from the 1 Royal Terrace committee to discuss practical and technical issues related to the work I am making. It was really good to talk through my ideas with him and get his technical advice about, amongst other things, vector files.

I developed a kind of action plan:

1. Make enough casts to fill the bookshelves
- simplify the number of colours used in these casts so they can act as breaks in between the highly chaotic casts

2. Make as many single coloured floor tiles as possible

3. Use photos of the patterns of splashes on the casts as references from which to develop vector image files
- get these laser cut rather like jigsaws and print

4. Do wood cuts, applying a ordered grid pattern such as the parquet flooring onto the organic pattern of the wood
- grid pattern of the bookshelves

5. A series of drawings of the framework of the bookshelves

6. Screenprinting through simple stencils

In the afternoon I cast more floor tiles and blocks for the bookshelves

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