Saturday, 7 December 2013

Horizontal cast

Up until now all the casts to go in the installation have had layers going in the same direction- vertically when placed in the bookshelves. I recognise that this may be a little predictable, and seek to disturb this slightly by introducing a few casts with horizontal layers onto the shelves. I hope this will encourage the viewer to look more carefully at the work as the pattern is not quite as easy to read.

This is the first cast with horizontal layers, and I tried to keep it relatively simple so as to add more variation in the rhythm of the work.

I want for there to be areas of concentrated activity and less intense areas within the composition, again, making for more interesting viewing.

I experimented with the positioning of a horizontal cast next to a couple of vertical casts:

As well as producing casts for the bookshelves, today I began casting some bricks that are the same dimensions of the tiles in the parquet flooring.

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