Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Exhibition title decided

This afternoon I met with Petter and Ruth from the 1 Royal Terrace committee to work on the marketing material for my exhibition.

A few weeks ago a basic template for the exhibition posters was decided upon. The design will be consistent throughout all of the 1 Royal Terrace programme, but it also allows for each poster to have its own identity and be reflective of the exhibiting artist and their practice.

We looked at the range of images that I had selected, and after doing a few mock ups of the poster, agreed on the type of image to be used. I have taken some beautiful surface photographs of the casts, but I want the poster to indicate the three-dimensional nature of the work, and therefore decided that the poster image will be a corner of one of the casts. I need to take some more photographs of the casts in the daylight, and then select one to be used for the poster.

We then had a great brainstorming session around possible exhibition titles. Anyone who knows me well will be able to vouch for the fact that titling work is not my forte. Usually, titles come from conversations I have had, and this one was no exception. After much discussion we decided on the title...

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