Friday, 1 July 2016

Talking design ideas with Unstapled Press

At my last meeting with Unstapled Press we agreed that we would all begin gathering ideas for the design of my publication, and discuss these when we next met. During this period, Rene and I visited the Artists Bookmarket at the BALTIC where we looked carefully at how different text-based books had been produced.


We were very impressed by the work of Foundation Press, a Risograph press and publishing facility run by the Foundation Art and Design Programme at the University of Sunderland. We spent a long time talking to Joe Woodhouse about the process and the opportunities for artists to use the resource. It seems like an ideal process to use for printing relatively simple designs at reasonable prices and fairly quickly. The simple designs worked well, a colour for the background image and a different colour for the foreground text or image. I'm keen to explore the potential of using Foundation Press to print my publication.

Holly brought along Print Control, a publication showcasing the 'best printed matter from Poland.' 
Some of the examples within the book, and also the format of the book itself, gave me ideas for my own work.

Cathy's socks provided inspiration for colour schemes.

We began to draw ideas of possible designs and layouts, and in the next week we will share our ideas with each other and go from there. Exciting times!

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